Hiring Process

Our partnership with you extends beyond a single job.  Through our multiple step placement process shown below our Recruiters focus on keeping you continuously employed with opportunities that help to advance your career.

Skills and Abilities

CSP Tech takes the time to not only understand your skills and interests, but your personal and professional goals as well.

Matching Opportunities

We know more than just the job descriptions, therefore we can share details about the IT initiatives and the technologies involved to make sure that we find you the right match.

Preparation for Position

CSP Tech’s strong relationships with our clients help us to provide you with an insider’s view of  what to expect throughout the interview process.

Getting On board and Development

CSP Tech facilitates a successful on-boarding process by connecting you with employees that can help you transition into your new role to make sure you and our clients are mutually benefited.

Continuous Employment

While you are on assignment, we will conduct feedback sessions with you and the customer to proactively address your needs. As your assignment approaches an end, we will then start our formal rehire process by engaging the clients and marketing your skill set for future employment opportunities.